The Integri-Line reporting system creates an opportunity for each one of your company's employees to feel heard, safe, and supported 24/7!



How can Integri-Line benefit you?

Encourage a speak-up ethical culture

Honest employees need a safe place where they can anonymously report wrongdoing. They need to know that their concerns will be heard and the reporting will be handled respectfully and professionally.

Know what's REALLY happening

You can't ignore what's REALLY happening any longer. The Integri-Line 24/7 anonymous helpline and software let's you know about problems early.

Easily track and update incidents

Integri-Line 3rd party case management software allows company administrators to track and update tickets throughout the process. Integri-Line is secure so everyone has confidence in the process.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

Just pick a plan for your company based on the size of your organization. No more long-term contracts, per incident costs, or hidden fees! We offer quick setup, full support, and a 24/7 reporting helpline! Plans for small & medium size companies start at just $199 per month.

The data doesn't lie

34% of American workers fear retaliation

...additionally, 30% were concerned about payback from a supervisor and 24% were worried about their co-workers retaliating.

27% of workers have been victims of abuse!

27% of American workers (37 million) said that they have been the victim of abusive conduct at work.

Trusted by many

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