Call Centre

Software and call centre for reporting employee misconduct while keeping employee identity safe from retaliation.

Create Opportunities

Create Opportunities

Opportunities for employees to report where they would previously hide their voice, with the same level of confidence as with the software.

Personalized Support

Personalized Support

Trained operators provide support for each individual's issue.  Employees can feel heard and know that they are being taken care of.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Solution

Without having access to a computer or smart phone, employees can find a remote location to safely report on any phone.

Anonymous Workplace Reporting Phone Line

The Integri-Line call centre creates an opportunity for each one of your company's employees and stakeholders to feel heard, safe, and supported.

Each call is conducted anonymously to allow the reporting individual to feel safe from potential retaliation. Backlash from ethical violation reporting can silence employees from speaking out and putting an end to the misconduct. By providing freedom for your employees to report wrongdoing, your business becomes more integral and safe from costly fines. Tailored to your business - Many different add ons are available, depending on size and budget, the ones below are only some examples.

  1. The toll free number can be customized for your business. We provide designated lines for your company's 1-800 number for seamless use.
  2. Operator greetings can also be customized according to your company's policies and culture. We work to understand your business and ensure that this is reflected in our communication with your employees. Greetings are customized and can be adjusted to fit your company's needs.
  3. Agents are trained to deal with a wide range of issues and misconduct. This allows us to effectively communicate with your employees and provide them with assistance specific to their reported incidence.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere

Ethical violations and wrongdoings will often go unreported because of fear. Employees fear that backlash from making a report will affect their job and even their personal lives. With our full anonymous call centre, employees can feel heard while keeping their identities safe and secure. This significantly increases the chance that wrongdoings will be reported, making the work environment more integral and ethical. Our call agents are also well trained to handle a wide variety of issues and violations. Through communication we can help your employees or stakeholders feel heard and taken care of. This reduces stress and anxiety amongst workers.

How does it work?

When an employee calls the 1-800 number, they received a personalized recording with instructions and guidelines designed to protect their anonymity. An agent is then joins the conversation and verifies that the employee is authorized to make a report. Upon completion of the report, the employee is provided with a report number. Should the case continue to develop, the reference number will allow the employee to expand and follow up further. Our call centre is comprehensively documented and reported on through the software. This allows us to provide you with the same information as if the reporter had used the software sufficient information for follow-up and investigation while keeping the reporting individuals anonymous. This helps prevent confusion and issues when reporting occurs to managers, supervisors, or in-house HR departments. Our records can be relied upon as a carefully detailed, trustworthy third-party.

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What can a Call Centre do for my company?

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Other Stake-holders



The call centre provides business owners with the foresight to avoid potential liability issues before they become a problem. A full, unfiltered view of what is happening in the business, at each level, is now attainable. Open a window of opportunity for those employees or other stakeholders who don’t have access to computers.

The call centre allows executives to have accurate records and reports prepared for any investigation that may occur. Reminders are provided for each pending issue on different cases. Executives can now be assured that all intentions of reporting are being heard and recorded properly.

Whether it is vendors or community members, they now have a voice in the company's actions without risk of backlash.

Employees now have options of how they want to communicate and report . They can now feel comfortable and safe to report abuse and wrongdoing. They feel supported by the company by having accountability tools placed in their own hands. Fear of retaliation is significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

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