Anonymous Reporting System

Easy-to-use software for reporting misconduct while keeping employee identity safe from retaliation.

Flexible & Versatile

100% Flexible

We will tailor your anonymous whistleblower reporting software for your company's specific needs.

Safe & Effective

Safe & Effective

Our software keeps employee identity anonymous throughout the process, reducing risk of retaliation.

Accesible & Available

Always Available

Reporting is available 24/7 with software accessible on any device, computer or smart phone.

Safe Workplace Reporting Through Software

Integri-Line's event management system allows any employee or company stakeholder to easily report wrongdoing or ethical compromises with complete anonymity anywhere, anytime.

Opening the lines of communication

The first step to creating a safer work atmosphere and a more ethical workplace is opening lines of communication for employees. Often when employees observe ethical compromises and abuse occurring in the workplace, they fear being retaliated against. This fear discourages them from reporting the offense and allows the wrongdoing to continue. With our event management software, each employee has quick and easy access to starting a report. With access on both desktop and mobile devices, employees can always find a safe place to report. All reports made through our software remain completely anonymous so employees do not need to worry about the report effecting their job and personal life. This confidence is what employees need in order to openly report problems in the workplace.

Reporting and documentation

Each report is documented, saved, and archived in our system. This is especially important when an issue grows and becomes the focus of investigation. We can easily recall reports relating to specific issues and present them when requested. This eliminates confusion and potential compromises that can occur in a busy HR department. Facts remain clear and accurate from reporting through to investigation.

Continuously improved for your company's needs

Our reporting software is continuously improved and updated to reflect changing industry standards and trends. This allows us to provide you with the most relevant service in dynamic industries. Our software is also customizable for your businesses structure and processes. As one size cannot fit all companies, we will work with you to identify your unique needs. The software will then be built with the tools and features required by your company and allow you to pay for only what is needed.

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What can Anonymous Reporting System do for my company?

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Other Stake-holders



This system provides business owners with the foresight to avoid potential liability issues before they become a problem. A full, unfiltered view of how the business is operating at each level is now within reach.

The software allows executives to have accurate records and reports prepared for any investigation that may occur. Reminders are provided for each pending issue on different cases so everyone is in the loop.

>Whether it is vendors or community members, they now have a voice in the company's actions without risk of backlash.

Employees can now feel comfortable and safe to report abuse and wrongdoing. They feel supported by the company by having accountability tools placed in their own hands. Fear of retaliation is significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

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