Expert advice for ethical standards compliance

We have been providing solutions for ethics compliance for 15 years. This experience allows us to provide effective solutions for your company. Navigating compliance issues can be complex and time consuming. With our help we can work with you to provide you with the resources you need to prepare your company.


Implementing of reporting systems

As part of our consulting we work to assist companies with the implementation of anonymous ethics reporting systems. At times reporting systems can be met with confusion, frustration, and resistance. This can be avoided through proper communication and education. We will help you compile personalized information and materials that will aid in the adoption of a new reporting system.

Professional ethics advice for professionals

No matter what your industry is, we help professionals of all different spheres navigate ethical issues. This starts with understanding the industry and the standards. Our experience provides insight into various industries to assist professionals in avoiding ethical issues and creating ethical guidelines for their business. Our ethics consultation will help you avoid fines that lead to not only financial penalties, but also damage to your reputation.

Code of Conduct Development and ethics investigations

Every organization needs a Code of Conduct that is current, covers the critical issues in your business, and is written so all employees can understand it.  Whether your organization currently has a Code of Conduct that needs updating, or you need to start from scratch, let us help! And, when ethical incidents occur and you need help with investigations, we have a reliable experts in the field that can help you through the process. We understand that reporting and case management are one thing, but sometimes you need professional help with the next step. 

Corporate ethics Training program development and implementation

We know ethics and we know training! Let our team of experts help develop your code of conduct and ethical standards into a world-class training system. You don't have to hire one outside firm to develop elearning and other who understands the ethics arena. We have experience in curriculum development, ethics/compliance, elearning development (using a variety of authoring platforms), and elearning LMS administration. Global Ethics Solutions can handle every stage of the process from conception to final rollout. 

Professional facilitation and keynote speaking

We are passionate about ethics and love to share our passion with your employees and leaders in-person! Global Ethics Solutions can facilitate one of our ethics program on-site or provide keynote speaking to groups, leaders, or conferences. One of company strategic partners are available to on-site speaking to meet your needs. If you are looking for any kind of professional training and speaking services, allow Global Ethics Solutions to take your training to the next level. 

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What can Consulting do for my company?

We’re glad you asked...

Integri-Line's consulting services help you to be aware of international ethics standards as well as avoid company damaging accusations and fines due to lack of compliance.

Consulting services provide a third-party opinion into ethics compliance issues and ethical violation reporting questions. Integri-Line also provides referrals to other professionals for dealing with unique issues. This saves time and money searching for answers and professionals by tapping into Integri-Lines resources to get fast, effective solutions.