ETH110 – International Bribery and Corruption Awareness

Categories: Ethics Fundamentals
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Course Overview

Bribery and corruption is serious business. From the grand corruption of high-level officials to the everyday dishonest favors in business, corruption and bribery can be devastating to your organization and should not be tolerated. This course includes: 1) Practical information to help individuals understand core bribery and corruption issues in business; 2) Explains the basics of how to refuse a bribe, protect your reputation, and stay away from potential situations altogether; 3) Provides a basic overview of the most common international anti-bribery laws and conventions including the FCPA or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery, and the European Union Convention on the Fight Against Corruption (or the EU Convention); 4) Discusses the various kinds of bribes and business gifts that should be avoided; and 5) Discusses the kinds of unethical gifts and the shares the 4 R’s for refusing an inappropriate gift