A flexible anonymous reporting system that adjusts to fit your company's needs no matter the size. The Integri-Line reporting system creates an opportunity for each one of your company's employees to feel heard, safe, and supported.


Powerful reporting and case management

24/7 toll-free reporting helpline

Our trained, compassionate Integri-line operators are available 24/7 to receive your reports and let your employees be heard. We are here for you!

Easy-to-use online reporting interface for everyone

Reporting online is easy! The interface can be accessed by your employees anywhere online. Use your company code and follow the step-by-step reporting process.

Powerful admin tools to manage your system 

Make it yours! Company administrators can set-up custom categories, reports, users, and the interface to manage the flow of the entire system. 

Case management and tacking made easy

Report handlers can track each case at every step of the process. Many tools are at their disposal including uploading files, comment, annotations, and more.

The data doesn't lie

61% increase in reporting

A company that implements a reporting system sees a drastic increase in reporting of unethical work practices. This allows you to catch it early and take appropriate action.

Fraud costs you 5% of your bottom line!

Stop fraud and get that 5% back!

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