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Order TODAY and start training! Purchase curriculum that will teach your employees solid principles of character, ethics, and honesty. ALL packages include facilitator's kits, workbooks, and presentation materials. All affordably priced and ready to teach. Add Integri-Line reporting software and you have a comprehensive suite of powerful management tools!

Ethical Expectations - Code of Conduct Training 

code of conduct kit


This course provides basic business ethical decision-making strategies and code of conduct information. It functions as a foundational, general ethics course targeted to all employees. This course introduces participants to various ethical decision-making models and then expands to cover common code of conduct topics.

Price: $299

Length: 4 hrs

Includes: Facilitator's Kit and 20 Participant Guides

 Ethics for a Modern Workforce



This is a total ethics training curriculum that includes everything required to conduct a quality, meaningful in-house ethics training. Ethics for a Modern Workforce covers all the major corporate compliance issues employees deal with but retains solid roots in timeless principles of personal character and integrity. It is the perfect balance between a no-nonsense compliance program and a personal/professional growth course. The easy, straight-forward program builds participants’ ethical skills and knowledge using practical teaching and real-life scenarios. 

Price: $399

Length: 4-8 hrs

Includes: Facilitator's Kit and 60 Participant Guides (20 each Competency)

Respect and Fair Treatment - Preventing Harassment & Bullying



This course introduces participants to the ethical principles surrounding harassment (both sexual and nonsexual), diversity, and bullying in the workplace. The focus of this course is how to solve ethical and build respect between people. It includes ethical decision-making strategies as well as specific information on workplace harassment and diversity issues.

Price: $299

Length: 4-6 hrs

Includes: Facilitator's Kit and 20 Participant Guides


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