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Ethics training is a cornerstone of having an Ethical integral company. Many employees can go through their entire career without receiving any sort of training in ethics and compliance. Behavior must be taught well in order to be learned. Employees need engaging, informative training that will develop best practices and skills to succeed in the workplace.


Training through Global Ethics University provides an opportunity to clarify the expectations on of each employee, and how individuals should conduct themselves in the business.

What is involved?

Through our corporate ethics training programs we cover ethical expectations and compliance. We have developed this compliance training to integrate with the company ethical standards set out corporately. We clearly communicate the standards so there are no ambiguities for anyone.

Our training courses could also be tailored to your business' needs. We can deliver online ethics courses, through webinar, or we can even deliver onsite ethics training. We know that all workers have different schedules, tasks, and responsibilities, so we will structure the training to fit everyone as best as possible. For those large companies that span across the country, our online courses allow each individual to easily participate, anywhere, anytime.


Who should be involved?

Who is involved in the training courses depends on what kind of ethics training is needed, who has previous ethics training, and who is at risk of violating ethics codes. We will help you to determine the best parties to involve. Individuals from front line works all the way to high-level management are considered to take part in training. Each one of these individuals represents the company, and their behavior reflects the business in its entirety.

What training options are there?

Global Ethics Sotutions has been providing ethics training solutions for 15 years in many different countries. We offer a wide variety of solutions including onsite, online, or out-of-the-box curriculum. We have trained many companies at varying levels of management. Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide in-depth training to cover a range of international ethics standards topics. We will work to ensure that your company is appropriately covered and remove vulnerabilities through effective education.

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What can Training do for my company?

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Training provides business owners with the confidence that they are not vulnerable to reputational damage and liability for lack of ethics compliance.

Executives can rest assured knowing that employees and management are conducting business appropriately and are reducing the risk of fines. They also can save hours through explanations of corporate policy and ambiguity.

Knowing that the business is conducting itself well and continues to maintains a positive image through upholding international standards of ethics is worth more than can be quantified.

Employees often struggle in determining what is expected of them and trying to figure out ambiguities in ethics codes. Training allows them to be fully aware and confident in their action on a day-to-day basis.

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