About Global Ethics Solutions

Connecting Character and Compliance

Connecting character and compliance is our mission and passion! A company or organization is only as "ethical" as the people in it. The key to a strong, thriving organization is to encourage and build up the character of all individuals with positive tools and training that foster an ethical culture in the workplace.

We have been helping business with workplace ethics solutions for over 15 years. Our focus is two-fold...training and accountability. Both are critical to creating an ethical workplace culture. A lot of companies offer training and a lot of companies offer compliance reporting...but no one else does both like we do!

Training employees to make good choices

You simply can't expect that every employee who walks in the door will make the best moral and ethical choices. So, why are you surprised when they don't? The simple fact is, you will get whatever behavior you teach! To this end, training is our most critical piece. No other company has the variety of training services we offer - from out-of-box curricula and online courses to full-fledged customized ethics and compliance initiatives. You don't need to go anywhere else for training needs regardless of size.

Powerful accountability tools

Long-term success requires accountability. Good employees need a place to go to report and document ethical breaches. Managers need reporting systems in place to track concerns and deal with them effectively. Employers need to have everything working together to stay compliant with regulations, laws, and company practices. Accountability allows companies to keep honest, ethical employees by giving them the support they need and helps the company take charge of compliance systems.

Our team

Mark S. Putnam, CEO

Mark Putnam

Mark S. Putnam has been a leader in the area of character-based business ethics training for 15 years. He has authored the Global Ethics Solutions curricula, many of our online ethics courses, and has published over 40 articles on character in business. He was the founder and president of Global Ethics University and has served in a number of academic teaching roles. Mark is a passionate teacher and business leader who is on a life-long mission to create ethical culture around him.


Fernando Senties, COO, Director of Marketing

Fernando Senties

Fernando Senties serves as the COO of Global Ethics Solutions and is the President of Amitai.com* which is a global leader in ethics and compliance software, testing, and HR solutions. He is a well-respected business leader in Latin America and Mexico who has worked in the ethics and compliance industry for over 15 years. Fernando is visionary and leader who is relentless in his pursuit to raise the ethical standards of business in Latin America and abroad. 


 What we do 

  • Ethics and compliace training programs customized or delivered out-of-the-box to teach employees important skills, principles, and policies to make the right ethical choices.
  • With anonymous reporting systems, accountability in the work environment improves as workers are more likely to report without fear of backlashes.
  • Years of consulting experience allow us to work with your business to identify areas of need, and establish new ethics codes while connecting you with industry professionals.
  • We understand that each individual’s conduct can be a reflection of the company as a whole. To reduce vulnerability of costly fines, we offer tailored training to help strengthen your company's ethical compliance.

We have provided these types of services to many companies around the world. We also provide our service in Spanish.

Creating a safe atmosphere is key to improving the integrity of a company. Our goal is to help you put the systems in place to do that. Through knowledge and accountability your business' day-to-day operations will experience a significant decrease in unethical conduct.

Contact us online or by phone at 1-877-77ETHIC to find out how we can help your business with its specific needs and guide you through the issues that you may be facing.

* AMITAI® is a registered trademark, used under licence from HRD Global Solutions, Ltd. Canada.