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Ethics and Compliance Training and Consulting Services

Professional, experienced advice for ethical standards compliance

Expert Advice For Ethical Standards Compliance

We have been providing compliance solutions to business for 20 years. Our experience in this arena allows us to provide effective solutions for your company. Navigating compliance issues can be complex and time consuming. With our help, we can work with you to provide you with the resources you need to prepare your company. If you need assistance in understanding compliance standards, Global Ethics Solutions can provide a qualified professional to help!

Code Of Conduct Development And Ethics Investigations

Every organization needs a Code of conduct that is current, covers the critical issues in your business, and is written so all employees can understand it. Whether your organization currently has a Code of Conduct that needs updating, or you need to start from scratch, let us help! And, when ethical incidents occur and you need help with investigations, we have a reliable experts in the field that can help you through the process.

Professional Ethics Advice For Professionals

No matter what your industry is, we help professionals of all different spheres navigate ethical issues. This start with understanding the industry and the standards. Our experience provides insight into various industries to assist professionals avoid ethical issues and create ethical guidelines for their business. Our consultation will help you avoid compliance headaches that cost you money but may also damage to your valuable reputation.

There is no better way to facilitate any kind of ethics training program than to have a live professor in a physical or virtual room guiding discussions, answering questions, and directing the course. Ethics is something personal that often means different things to different people. We understand that issues of appropriate behavior and personal character require compassion and understanding.

Corporate Training Program Development

We know ethics and we know training! Let our team of experts partner with you to help develop a world-class training system. You don't have to hire one outside firm to develop e-learning and another for the ethics arena. We have experience in curriculum development, ethics/compliance, e-learning development (using a variety of authoring platforms), and e-learning LMS administration. Global Ethics Solutions can handle every stage of the process from conception to final rollout.

Professional Facilitation And Keynote Speaking

We are passionate about ethics and love to share our passion with your employees and leaders in-person! Global Ethics Solutions can facilitate one of our ethics program on-site or provide business ethics keynote speaking to groups, leaders, or conferences. Our speakers and trainers bring a warm, humorous, common-sense approach to ethics and will inspire and motivate the audience. If you are looking for any kind of professional training and speaking services, allow Global Ethics Solutions to take your training to the next level.

Real Life - Real People - Real Situations

Global Ethics Solutions programs don't just teach the basic skills or philosophy, they incorporate real-world situations and scenarios that employees will connect and identify with. Both our online courses and on-site ethics training workshops include practical information and tips that employees can actually use! Our on-site training program is scenario-based as allows small groups to work through the tough issues of the day in a spirit of true collaboration.

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